Where's the download link?
Really?! Okay, here -> DOWNLOAD

When do you update for version X?
When I want to do it. Sorry for delays, but I do this for fun, and I don't have too much time for it.
If you really care, check the github page of the mod, there should be an issue related to updating to version X. (if not, create one, it helps!)

I found a bug, what should I do?
First check the issue page for the mod on github, if the bug is already reported.
It it isn't, please send me a message (e.g. on minecraftforum), or leave a comment here.
But the very best would be creating an issue on GitHub!

But of course please refer to me as author and post a link to the mod page on this site. Furthermore I would be happy if you send me a message when you include the mod in a modpack too! (e.g. on

Copyright of all mods, explanations and this site:

This document is Copyright ©(2011) TeNNoX and is the intellectual property of the author. Only Blogger and is able to host any of my material without my consent. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission (E-Mail is also acceptable). If you publish anything I've made on any other site, I may express my angst at you in the form of a lawsuit!

1 comment:

  1. Hey =)

    Got some Problems here...
    I am planning to set up some nice builds with your Assembly Mod but there are some Problems i am focussing with.

    I noticed that the Assembly Workbench isnt working at all recipes.
    for example a simple item.

    If i set a Bone into it, it shows the recipe of bone cracks (for flowers) this is correct.
    But if bones come through it, it produces black ink...

    If i set the recipe for red fire stars (fireworks, gun powder, red color) it produces only normal firestars.
    Same goes for rockets, if the income is red firestars and gunpowder and paper it produces normal rockets..
    If i set the recipe for yellow firestars, so color yellow and gunpowder Minecraft totally crashes because an item to get has code 0 for nothing.

    When i set a rose into it, so it produces red color, there also comes black ink after the process.

    So i want to set up da factory but when the recipes are crashing minecraft or simply dropping black ink i cannot do it.

    I hope you will respond to my report.

    I am Using the version for 1.7.10.
    My Minecraft also is on 1.7.10 and i am using the correct forge version as well.

    I Hope to hera from you on any way and look foreward for an solution, because your assembly is the best as my opinion say. =)


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