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Search some sponges in rivers, lakes or in the ocean, or craft them if you don't want to search! Then craft some Must, place it under water, and let it grow. The Must grows only if water's above them, example in the Video! If the Must is grown(lighter green), you can harvest it! If the must is not fully grown, it will just drop the Must block. If it is grown you get some Bunch of Bacteria. Then craft some bacteria colonies!

Bacteria can be "tamed" to eat a special type of block like dirt, stone, water, lava, etc. You just have to place a bacterium colony, place all types of blocks you want it to eat directly above it (grass and dirt are the same, you don't have to place both) and finally power it by redstone or just place a redstone torch/block next to it! You will see it spread! (All spreading Bacteria blocks are of one colony!)

Will automatically set the block type below as food and will replace it with the block type above!
To start, just power it with redstone!

Jammer (item):
The Jammer item is a remote control which sends a jamming signal to ALL bacteria colonies in the world!

Jammer (block):
You can place a Jammer wherever you want the bacteria to stop. If the Bacteria reaches it, all Bacteria blocks of that colony will die! (Other colonies will continue to spread)

Bacterium Splash Potion:
Throw the splash potion and the bacteria will infect the block it hits.

Isolation (Bricks by default):
Build a rectangle/square/circle/whatever horizontally on the ground and place bacteria in the middle! they won't eat below it so they won't grow out of the area you defined!

Properties file:
Goto %appdata%\.minecraft\config\ and open with notepad!

In this file you can change the IDs and other settings:
bacteria speed - how fast the bacteria will spread (1 - fastest, more - slower, default 50)
isolation block - the block which you can isolate bacteria spread with, like seen in the video! (default bricks)
randomize bacteria spread - if not active, all bacteria will spread with always the same speed (default true)
save food to NBT - if active, the bacteria blocks will remember their food on world save/load (default true)



  1. yeah thats cool but how do you download for forge

  2. I still cannot remember the name of a mod that was really similar to this that had a bacteria-like block that generates a maze with walls made of the block you chose it to build with. If someone can either tell me the name of it or link me to an old topic with it, I'd be most grateful. Heck, even including it in this mod would be a plus.

  3. You my friend, have made the greatest mod. I hate having to delete so much sand and this is amazing <3

  4. Is that comic sans!?! This is a great mod and all but really? Comic sans on the crafting recipe image XD.

  5. what is the replacer colony and what does it do

    1. you place a block above it,this is what it will turn things into,then power it up! this is very OP as if you get 9 diamonds you can have infinate diamonds if you get a replacer a nd some brick

  6. Can you make a forge 1.7.10 download thats for this mod only? thanks

  7. so small emergency i'm playing with the 1.8 version and the brick's aren't working, anybody have a solution

  8. I have a very important question. Will this work with blocks from other mods? Like, machines? Say, for example, turn a large amount of dirt blocks into the Solar Panels/Arrays (whatever they're called) in IndustrialCraft?

  9. Hey, I want to upload your bacteria mod to curseforge. Is that OK?


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