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NORMAL ASSEMBLY (Base of all assemblies):
Transports items in shown direction.
Items will also be placed in Chests, Assembly Workbenches and Dispensers!
All assemblies can be deactivated by redstone power.

Faster. (about 2x)

Self explanatory, I hope. :)

This one sorts items. Right clicking it opens a GUI. When you put an item/block in the green row, and you activate(ON) this line, the item will be transported in the green direction. If an item is not listed. If you activate an empty row, all other items will choose that direction.

If an item traverses this one, the assembly puts it either in the burn slot, if it can burn or at the top, if it's cookable or it will continue. If the furnace cooked an item, it will be dispensed automatically.

Shoots Items/mobs in the air.

Just counts all items that traverse it. Right click to show GUI!
Option: Double Count - count same item stacks again if they traverse multiple times? (detected by entityID)

Places blocks in front of it in a row of up to 20 blocks (if it reaches obsidian it will stop).
If you power it by redstone it will put the blocks on top of each other, example:
NOT powered: (X = placer, #=blocks)

Place them e.g. over a wheat crop and it will automatically harvest it, if the wheat is fully grown, and plant new seeds (using the ones normally dropped by the crop). Items will pop out on the top so just place normal assemblies above it! Works with:

  • wheat
  • mushrooms (place above where the shrooms will grow)
  • sugar cane (place one or two blocks above)
  • cactus (like sugar cane)
  • melons/pumpkins (place above where they will grow)
  • carrots
  • potatoes

This Assembly will pull items out of chest next to or behind it. If there's a chest in the direction it's pointing, it will directly fill it with said items, and if this target chest is full, it will also stop dispensing items from the other chests next to it (see video).
Perfect to stack chests in a chest chain => big chest

Just right-click like a normal crafting table, set the recipe but DON'T take the result out. Use other assemblies to put items in, and if there are enough to craft, the result will pop out at any normal assembly facing away next to it! (or else on top)
It will store items in it also when saving/loading.

This one is awesome. It digs down a specific area down to bedrock you have to mark the area with markers like that:

...then you put a assembly directly next to it. The digger will put out the items on them.If there's no assembly it will splill them out at the top (you don't want that, do you?). Power it by redstone to start!TIP: use a counter to count the items/blocks.
It will destroy all blocks but not bedrock. if there's water or lava it will remove it. If there are animals it will kill them and if they drop anything it will also collect it. The digger block won't move but it sends out a Pac-Man-Block (a.k.a. Pacci tha destroyer)
Upgrade speed with iron/gold/diamond by rightclicking it!

If powered by redstone, this will damage animals/mobs in front of it.

Items/Animals/Mobs can fall/go through. Water doesn't! (a bit hacky, I know. But how else could I have built that awesome chicken farm back then?)

Crafting: (click to enlarge)

Configuration File:
(1.1+) There is an configuration file: "%appdata%/.minecraft/config/tennox_assemblymod.cfg" (self explanatory, I hope)


  1. By far the best mod out there!!!

  2. Awesome light industrial mod, but there's a couple of things:

    The breaker will not break any block that breaks down to an entity, like redstone, lapis, diamonds, coal, etc. This slightly lowers it's utility with other mods.

    The placer pushes stuff a LOT farther than 20 blocks. before I stopped mine it had crossed 4 chunks.

    I cannot figure out how corners work.

    Is there a way to do blacklist, off, and whitelist instead of off and on for the filters?

    Last but certainly not least, is there a way to make the chester just hit sided inventories instead of only chests?

    I would like to feature this mod in my 'Powerless' modpack (a modpack about using redstone instead of third party energy systems for industry.)


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